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January 22nd, 2013

Catania Beat Roma 1-0, Catania Beat Genoa 2-0

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January 6th, 2013

Francesco Lodi Slaps Riccardo Meggiorini In The Back Of The Head.

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During this weekends game Francesco Lodi Slapped Riccardo Meggiorini In The Back Of The Head and getting a red 12 minutes in for his actions. But its the kind of video that you can watch over and over cause it so funny. You not only have to worry about Francesco Lodi hurting you on the score board but as well as on the field literally.

December 30th, 2012

Transfer Rumors

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Lets look at the Rumors for Catania who is on their way here and who is on their way out:

on their way out:

Alberto Frison just came to the club and if the rumor is true could already be leaving to go to Bologna. He came to Catania to be are starting keeper as Mariano Andújar was on his way out or was supose to be on his way out but stayed with Catania over the summer and keep his starting postion as Catania number one keeper and leaving Alberto Frison on the bench only used in Coppa Italia games.

Giovanni Marchese is wanted by Genoa, I can hope he doesn’t leave the club because he is important to the club and plays a big role.

Alessandro Potenza if the rumor is true he is on his way out, I personnel don’t care, he never plays or did anything to want to keep him around.

Souleymane Doukara the young forward shows lots of promise and if the rumor is true he is going on loan to Reggina. Its understandable for a young player to go to the lower league to gain experience.

Takayuki Morimoto is a player who came as a boy to Catania and now is a man.He never lived up to his potential, in his 3 season with the club at the age of 20 he scored 7 goals that year making everybody think he very well could be the next star in Catania and even had 6 goals the next year. But as the years went on he slowly lose he spot and went down hill with his career which is why he wants to leave to find a starting role.

I would hate to see him leave because he is only 24 and still has time to become something but Catania won’t give him the chance so I understand why he wants to go. He will surly be one of my Favorited players to wear a Catania jersey.

His first goal for Catania came on his first game when he came in as a sub to tie the game.

Nicolas Spolli wanted by Gremio

Pablo Barrientos might go to Fiorentina

Players that might be on their way in:

Milton Caraglio, who plays on the Rangers de Talca, don’t know much about him so lets watch a video; By the looks of the video he looks like a great player for sure be happy to add him to are forwards.


Michele Paolucci who once played on Catania might come back as we seem to need forwards and he is not getting playing time in Siena

Matteo Ardemagni he has 10 goals this year in Serie B and catania are looking in to the player.

December 30th, 2012

Catania 3-1 Sampdoria,US Pescara 2-1 Catania

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Catania last two games before the Xmas break where against Sampdoria and US Pescara.

Lets start with Sampdoria game Catania had the first chance of the game when Francesco Lodi took a free kick, which it passed everybody in the box but found Gonzalo Bergessio who was at the left side of the net but by the line. Where he lost control of the pass and wasting a chance for Catania.

Catania nearly scored when Gonzalo Bergessio passed it to a running Mariano Izco at the top of the box who smashed it wide. Gonzalo Bergessio would fine him self in the right place at the right time when a Sampdoria player cleared the ball right to him but his shot went high.

Sampdoria had some chances here and there but noting close until the 28 minute when Emmanuel Icardi took the ball in to the box where he was fouled by Nicola Legrottaglie. Giving away a penalty where Sampdoria midfielder Enzo Maresca would take and score to give his side the lead.

Emmanuel Icardi almost made it two nothing when he beat his man and was one on one with Giuseppe Bellusci and took a shot which went wide. Enzo Maresca was subbed of because he got injured and on came Citadin Eder who almost made an insist impact when he took the ball from the side of the box and smashed a shot which was blocked.

The half ended with the away side with the lead, But Rolando Maran most of said something to firer the boys up because in the second half the boys came out strong and put lots of pressure on Sampdoria until young Catania midfielder Mario Angel Paglialunga would take a shot at the top of the box as the ball was bouncing and it found its way in to the net.Tying it at 1-1.

Catania would strike again when Giovanni Marchese crosses the ball right before its about to go out and found an open Gonzalo Bergessio who would header it home to give his side he lead. And in the 90 minute Catania would score again when a Sampdoria player made a mistake on the ball and Lucas Castro would make it 3-1.

After the game Sampdoria coach didn’t shake hands with Rolando Maran showing how much of a poor sport he is.

US Pescara 2-1 Catania

Catania had 3 great chances to take the lead but no luck and when Pescara had their chance they would make no mistake when Mervan Celik gave his team the lead in the 23 mintue. From a shot from the top of the box. Catania would score in the 35 minute with Pablo Barrientos smashing in his shot from the top of the box.

Catania did score but the did not count, both teams went on to have chances to score Catania having more but it was Pescara who pick up the winner in the 95 minute from a free kick by Romulo Eugenio Togni to give his team 3 points. Mariano Andújar should of saved it.

December 28th, 2012

Catania Beat Parma In A shootout To Make It To The The Next Round Of Coppa Italia

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So we have to review, starting with the Coppa Italia game which was on December 12 2012 where we took on Parma and we where the away side which we almost never win away games making me only think of the worst.

It only took 12 minute for me to start panicking when Jonathan Biabiany crossed the ball in the box to the far post and found Dorlan Pabon who volleyed it out of the air and would give his side the lead, Ciro Capuano to blame for the goal. In the 18 minute Pablo Alvarez took a shot in side the box which hit Massimo Gobbi in the arm wining a penalty kick for Catania.

Where Francesco Lodi would take and score to tie the game at 1-1 after that the game as really back and fourth both teams not scoring and the game went all the way to penalty’s.

Penalty’s list

Parma-Dorlan Pabon scored
Catania-Pablo Barrientos blocked
Parma-Marco Marchionni scored
Catania-Pablo Alvarez scored
Parma-Marco Parolo blocked
Catania-Francesco Lodi Scored
Parma-Sotiris Ninis scored
Catania-Gonzalo Bergessio scored
Parma-Gabriel Paletta post and out
Catania-Giovanni Marchese scored for the win.

December 11th, 2012

Catania Finally Win A Away Game

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Catania Finally win an away, Catania have not won away game for 14 games so it is a big 3 points away. Catania should be really winning more away games with are team.

So we played last place team in Italy, Siena who have some really good players like Emanuele Calaiò,Alessandro Rosina,Francesco Valiani,Neto,Felipe who are all important to Siena.

Catania giving Lucas Castro the start as well as Amidu Salifu, Catania were with out Pablo Barrientos. Just have to point out that Lucas Castro has been a great pick up for Catania very skillful on the ball with fancy footwork and is a good all around player.

Game started and Catania midfielder had the best chance when Amidu Salifu shot was blocked and the ball found its way to Francesco Lodi who blasted it from out side the box but the shot went over. Alessio Sestu would have his teams first chance when he took the ball up the wing and getting passed a Catania player and shooting as soon as he got in the box. He had more time but he rushed the shot.

But Siena Would score because in the 10 minute there was an hard pass to Francesco Valiani who was in the box and he was able to hold the ball til he passed it to Alessandro Rosina as he came running in to the box and shot it to the bottom corner. After that Catania started pressuring and almost tied it when Giovanni Marchese crossed it in to Gonzalo Bergessio who got his foot on it but was blocked by Gianluca Pegolo.

Giovanni Marchese almost set up another player with a through ball to Lucas Castro who chipped it over Gianluca Pegolo and it was going in but a Siena defense man clear it from going in. Right before the half ended Sergio Almiron took a shot but it went wide.

Second half started and Catania again with chances with the ball dropping to Sergio Almiron who once a again shit wide. Lucas Castro took the ball up the wing and smashed a low cross that found Alejandro Gómez but he could not get a good hit on the ball which Gianluca Pegolo saved. But Catania would finally score when Gonzalo Bergessio was grabbed and as he was falling makes a clutch through ball pass to an open Lucas Castro who score to tie the game and gets his second of the year. Amazing pass by Gonzalo Bergessio.

Catania had another great chance when they had a 3 on 2 where Francesco Lodi took the ball up with Alejandro Gómez to his left and Gonzalo Bergessio to his right, Lodi passed it to Gonzalo Bergessio who was some how able to keep control of the hard pass and score with a chip shot from the an odd angle. In the 82 minute Catania won an corner where Francesco Lodi took it and it found Lucas Castro who header it across the box to an open Gonzalo Bergessio who smashed it in and we took all 3 points.

December 10th, 2012

Catania Almost Fall To Cittadella

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Catania almost fall to the hands of Cittadella in their second Coppa Italia game. Catania gave some of their starting 11 a break and these subs getting to start: Alberto Frison,Alexis Rolin,Giuseppe Bellusci,Ciro Capuano,Lucas Castro,Salifu,Takayuki Morimoto.

Catania where the better of the two sides making chances but don’t let Cittadella fool you their not bad at all and they had the best chance to opening the scoring when Catania keeper Alberto Frison took out a Cittadella forward in box and giving away a penalty to Tommaso Bellazzini who had the keeper beat but miss his shot wide wasting a great chance to take the lead.

Cittadella won a free kick right out side of the box where Andrea Paolucci would give his side the 1-0 lead with a great free kick goal. Things would start looking up for Catania when Massimiliano Busellato of Cittadella got a second yellow and was shown a red. Catania Started pressuring but still could not find a goal. In the 64 minute Catania put in top forward Gonzalo Bergessio as well as young forward Souleymane Doukara.

4 Minutes after both Catania forwards came on, another player of Cittadella was shown a second yellow and got a red card. But in the 88 minute the heavens looked down for Catania as Gonzalo Bergessio scored to tie the game and making it go to extra time.

In extra time in the 96 minute Catania won a free kick right out side of the box where Francesco Lodi had the chance to give Catania the lead and did so kicking the ball right a the keeper but the ball still some how ending up in the back of the net. Gonzalo Bergessio would score again to secure a Catania win when the ball was crossed in and he header it home.

Ampia Sintesi Catania-Cittadella 3-1 (Tim-Cup)… by mondocatania

December 3rd, 2012

Catania Fall Apart Against AC Milan

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Going in to this game with out Alejandro Gómez are star forward and are star defense man Nicolás Spolli there was alot to worry about, As well Gonzalo Bergessio coming back from injury.

Catania took the lead only 11 minutes in to the game from Francesco Lodi corner where he found an open Nicola Legrottaglie who header it home against his former club. After that goal til the end of the first half both teams would make chances but would have no luck in scoring.

4 minutes in to the second half Pablo Barrientos was showed his 2 yellow card of the game and would get a red. That would be the game factor because after that red AC Milan scored 2 minutes after. Stephan El Shaarawy tying the game and 1-1. 3 minutes after goal Kevin-Prince Boateng took a shot from out side the box and curved it in. Great goal by the Milan player and a deflating goal for catania.

Stephan El Shaarawy would score again at the end of the game to put the cherry on top with a nice goal to make it worse and 3-1 win for AC Milan.

Game Notes:

Not finishing are chances!!!

Alexis Rolin who played for Nicolás Spolli had a great first half. Should get more playing time.

Pablo Barrientos is a huge reason to blame for the lost.

Gonzalo Bergessio showed alot of heart and pressure on Milan defense really showing what he means to the team. Could have used him against Palermo.

Amidu Salifu got to start this game which was an bad idea he was bad on covering his man and at times didn’t know what he was doing just running around.

Rolando Maran let me down once Pablo Barrientos got the red he did nothing until 72 minute for his first sub.

I would of done this, once he got the red you know milan will attack so I would of took of Lucas Castro to put on Blazej Augustyn to put another big body in the defense. Then put in Mario Paglialunga for Amidu Salifu (which he did). which would mean Gonzalo Bergessio would be playing the lone forward which I would take of Gonzalo Bergessio to put on the faster Takayuki Morimoto.

November 28th, 2012

Catania Don’t Show Up To Derby

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Palermo have beaten Catania in the first Derby game of the season between both teams in a 3-1 victory.

Going in to the game there was alot of pressure for both teams to win for bragging rights, It only took 8 minutes for Catania too get the a great scoring chance when Catania won a free kick out side the box and Francesco Lodi top conner shot was blocked by Palermo keeper. But 2 minutes later on an harmless play, Palermo would make Catania pay when the ball was passed from the side of the box which Nicolás Spolli went to slide tackle to block the pass but ended up knocking the ball to Fabrizio Miccoli who was at the top of the box and smashed it in to the top corner to give the home side the lead.

After that early goal it took alot out off Catania and Palermo went on the attack for the rest of the half with Catania having 2 or 3 chacnes before the half ended. Mariano Izco came off cause of injury. Catania passing was sloppy and are defense was horrible. Second half started Palermo came out strong with alot of pressure until 4 minutes in they scored from the almost exact goal as the first but the goal coming from Josip Ilicic. Josip Ilicic was not done 11 minutes from his first goal he would score again on a counter attack goal.

After that goal Catania finally started playing football and even scored, when Catania won a free kick out side the box Francesco Lodi smashed it in to the top corner and it was an amazing goal. After that Catania went all out attack and almost could have tied with all the chances but almost made the score line worse letting Palermo counter every Catania attack.

It was a little to late for Catania to come back.

November 23rd, 2012

The Derby

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Tomorrow will be the battle of Sicily, Which both coach have picked there squads:

Palermo Squad:

Goalkeepers: Benussi, Brichetto, Fulignati.

DEFENDERS: Cetto, Garcia, Milanovic, Morganella, Munoz, Pisano, Von Bergen.

Midfielders: Arevalo Rios, Brienza, Donati, Giorgi, Ilicic, Kurtic, Viola, Zahavi.

Forwards: Budan, Dybala, Miccoli.

Palermo will be without there lead keeper Samir Ujkani and key midfielder Édgar Barreto who both received red cards in their last game. I have not watched much of Palermo this season so I don’t know what to except. Even if their doing bad on the table, don’t let it fool you its going to be the battle of Sicily and Palermo will try harder cause there in there stadium.

Catania Squad:

Goalkeepers -

21 Andujar, 1 Frison, 29 Terracciano.

Defenders -

22 Alvarez, 18 Augustyn, 14 Bellusci, 33 Capuano, 6 Legrottaglie, 12 Marchese, Rolin 5, 3 Spolli.

Midfielders -

4 Almiron, 28 Barrientos, 19 Castro, 13 Izco, 10 Lodi, 16 Paglialunga, 24 Ricchiuti, 30 Salifu.

Forwards –

Doukara 35, 17 Gomez, 15 Morimoto.

Catania are with out are center forward Gonzalo Bergessio and Marco Biagianti both out hurt.Gonzalo Bergessio will be missed in tomorrow game. Hopefully we can give young forward Souleymane Doukara the start.

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